History of HBC


The first recorded Baptist effort in Hughesville was in 1882 when Brother R. Kocher, Baptist Pastor in the neighboring communities of Muncy and Picture Rocks was requested to "look after the interests of our Baptist people living in the village of Hughesville." In 1884 the Northumberland Baptist Association Minutes recorded that they "Contemplate organizing a mission interest in Hughesville." In 1886 the Minutes state that there is a "Need for money to do the work in places like Hughesville." In 1889, The Rev. Joseph Crawford was listed in the Minutes as being the pastor at Hughesville and Rock Run Baptist Churches. The small group of Baptists were meeting from time to time in the village grade school located on the corner of Main and Walnut Street. They were forced to give up this space when it was needed for educational purposes. They then moved into a hall where they were able to have weekly services. On September 11, 1890 the Hughesville Baptist Church was organized with the Rev. Joseph W. Crawford as pastor and a membership of nine. On September 25th at the meeting of the Northumberland Baptist Association at First Baptist Church in Sunbury, the Hughesville Baptist Church was officially recognized and welcomed into the fellowship. The next need was a building for worship and Christian Education. On the corner lot of Third and Water Street there had once been the furniture factory "Laird and Company." This lot was acquired and a building was erected on the site. The Association Minutes for 1892 state: "The year has been one of hard work. Their House of Worship has been completed at a cost of $3500, leaving a debt of about $700 above what is yet unpaid in subscriptions. Brother Crawford has accepted a call from Moreland and Lairdsville Churches in connection with his charge at Hughesville, giving them a service every Sabbath evening. Feel very grateful to the Second Baptist Church of Philadelphia for a donation of their old library to them." Statistics for these years indicate one baptism, one person joining by letter, four joining by "Experience" and a decrease of one member by exclusion for a total membership of fifteen.In spite of these difficulties the church continued a slow growth. Annual grants from the Pennsylvania State Mission organization helped the group to continue. No pastor remained to provide leadership for more than three years. A Sunday School was established in 1892. 


Sister churches in Muncy and Picture Rocks provided leadership, money and a beautiful set of pulpit furniture. The walls of the church were papered with beautiful wall paper. Electric lights, a furnace, carpet and running water were gradually installed. A Cradle Roll was founded in 1909. The first parsonage was purchased in 1914. By this year the church membership had increased to sixty-eight. Average attendance in Sunday School increased from twenty to fifty-four.From 1915 to 1940 there was continued growth in membership and a more stable pastoral leadership. Mid-week prayer services were begun and in 1916 the first Missionary Society was formed. 1925 saw the erection of a new parsonage, free of debt on the church property. The Rev. Early Guyer was called to serve as pastor in 1928 and served until his death in 1946. Things were hard during the depression years of the 1930's but regular services continued.The period 1940-1950 was a time of reorganization. By 1950 the church membership was revised to 87 and the average attendance in Sunday School was 35.In December of 1951 the Rev. Robert Berger was called as pastor. Prayer meetings were regularly maintained. A new heating plant was installed. Average attendance increased to 86 and church membership to 119. This growth caused the church to begin planning for additional space. On November 18, 1956 "A secret ballot was taken in the Sunday School on the question: Shall the Hughesville Baptist Church build a Sunday School building on the available property?" The result was 41 yes's and 2 no's. The bid for the addition was $22,189.50 and was accepted. The first addition was completed in 1959. By the 1970's there was a need for more space and the church voted again to increase the size of our building. That addition was completed and dedicated on October 14, 1984. The Building Committee for this addition were Mr. W.W. Taggart, Chairman; Howard Fraley, Secretary; Elwood George, Paul Hager and Ralph Knopp. 


Today, we can say with Dr. Martin Luther King: "I have a dream." We have a dream! We have very limited parking and no room for future growth. With that in mind our Trustees began to look at the possibility of a new location with plenty of room for expansion and growth. Praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Trustees discovered 8.05 acres of land at the intersection of Route 118 and Green Valley Road. The cost of the land was $100,000.00. At a special meeting, the church approved the purchase. Then in 2012 we purchased the land! Now we are working on raising money to build a new church building. We are excited and moving forward toward our goal. In 1984 the Church Clerk in writing the annual letter to the Northumberland Baptist Association said, "At times (we) are almost discouraged, but having put our hands to the plow, dare not look back." The Baptists of Hughesville are still moving forward to accomplish great things for Christ and His Kingdom in the community.

Pastors of Hughesville Baptist Church

1882-1889 Brother R. Kocher 

1889-(?)       Rev. Joseph Crawford, pastor

1894       Rev John A. Aldred, pastor

1896       No pastor

1897       No pastor

1898       J.B. Adams, pastor

1901       H.H. Leamy and L.S. Squires, pastors

1905       George Ballentine, pastor

1906       J.B. Adams, pastor (again)

1907       No pastor (Brother W.M. Corll)

1911        B. Morroe Posten, pastor

1912       No pastor

1913        H.G.W. Smith, a graduate of Bucknell

1914       Thomas Griffith, pastor

1915        Thomas Phillips, pastor

1919        Brother E.R. Heywood, pastor

1923       Rev. Fortran, pastor

1924       No pastor

1926       Edward W. Cooper, pastor

1928-1946  Rev. Earl Guyer, pastor at Moreland also for a period. (Rev. Guyer died 1946)

1946       Rev. Taylor, pastor 

1946-1951   Charles Jared, pastor

1951-1986   Robert Berger, pastor. 

He was a student in Philadelphia and was ordained and married while serving the Hughesville Baptist Church. His wife Eileen; and children: Vicki Berger Mailleue, William and James.

1986    Mina Corey, pastor

1987-1991   Michael Deal, pastor. 

His wife: Christine; and children: Jonathan, Joshua, Rebecca and Rachel.

1992-2003  David K. Fishel, pastor. 

He was ordained here November 14, 1993. His wife: Carol Ralston Fishel; and children: Laura Elizabeth Fishel-Webb, Janelle Kathryn, Kenneth Samuel and Dean Adam.

2004-2006  Bernard E. Elliott III

2006    Interim pastors

2006-2007  Jim Waugh

2007 -2018  Thomas M. Brokaw, pastor. 

His wife: Dorothea; and children: Joshua, Emily, and Jonathan

2018 - 2019  Interim pastors

2019 - Current Debra Marker, pastor