Our Mission:

As a congregation, our mission is to lead the people of the Hughesville area into a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ, and into a relationship with the people of God's family, the church.

Our Values:

  1. Learning through Bible-based activities
  2. One family-families uniting as God's Family
  3. Valuing traditional morals
  4. Enhancing children's lives

Our Strategy:

By participating in each of these four critical areas of the life of the church, individuals might grow in their faith and thereby fulfill the mission of HBC.

  1. Worship by remembering the acts of God in Jesus Christ, celebrating the attributes of God, declaring God's work in our lives, and listening and responding to God's Word being declared.
  2. Service Christ by working with our children's ministries, serving on a church board or committee, or answering the call to serve on mission projects.
  3. Study God's word in order to correctly handle it and to listen to God's direction for our lives.
  4. Sharing time and food together as a family of God to live out the principles of good family life.

Our Goals:

As a family of God, our goals are to be:

  1. Sharing Christ's LOVE for others by showing patience and kindness to all, honoring others above ourselves, learning to forgive others who have wronged us, and offering hospitality to others.
  2. Sharing Christ's selfless life by GIVING of our resources and time generously, cheerfully, and confidently in God's faithfulness.
  3. Sharing Christ himself by being WITNESSES of God's Good News to others through sharing our life stories of Christ's love in our lives and showing consistent concern for others.
  4. Seeking to GROW in our faith through consistency in worship and fellowship, prayer, and reading and meditating on the Bible.